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Flowing Forward

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Accessible toilets located in Mary & Archie's
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors open 6pm
Event 7pm to 10pm
The Font (Chorlton-cum-Hardy), The Font, 115-117 Manchester Road,
Manchester M21 9PG
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Join us for an evening of exploration of brain vasculature at 'Flowing Forward.' Delve into the intricate network of blood vessels shaping brain health and disease. We will have an evening filled with insightful talks, unveiling the mysteries of cerebral circulation and its implications. Discover cutting-edge brain imaging techniques and innovative approaches to studying ion channel function within the brain's vasculature.

Imaging the Mouse Brain to Understand Biological Systems in Health and Disease.

Dr. Anna Gray (Research Associate)
Mouse brains offer a fascinating avenue to understanding our own neurological function. With striking similarities to human brains, mice serve as invaluable models for deciphering biological processes. By employing innovative techniques like implanting transparent windows into the skulls of mice, scientists can now observe and track various brain cells using fluorescent markers, allowing us to not only shed light on normal brain function, but also help to gain crucial insights into the mechanisms underlying disease. This deeper understanding paves the way for the development of effective therapies.

Control of Brain Blood Flow: An Electrical Tug of War

Dr. Harry Pritchard (Alzheimer's Society Dementia Research Leader Fellow)
Despite being only 2% of an adult’s body weight, the brain utilises 20% of the body’s energy, with nutrients supplied by over 500 miles of blood vessels throughout the brain.
The volume of blood supplied to the brain needs to be relatively constant, which becomes challenging throughout daily activities when blood pressure varies dramatically.

Arteries can detect the increase in blood pressure and change their diameter to limit the flow. This is via contracting and relaxing muscle cells in the blood vessel wall to adjust the amount of blood flow to the brain. The degree of muscle contraction is controlled by the amount of charged ions inside the muscle cell. The movement of charged ions from outside to inside the cell (and vice versa) is possible due to specialised proteins called ion channels. These ion channels are in a balancing act, constantly moving ions in and out of the muscle cells to control blood supply to the brain at the correct amount.

Fuelling Your Brain: It Is All About Blood Flow

Prof. Stuart Allan (Professor of Neuroscience)
For the brain to work properly it relies on a constant blood supply. This is critical to provide brain cells with the energy they need to function. Interruptions to the brains blood supply results in stroke and dementia. Understanding how a good blood supply is maintained and how it can be restored if interrupted is therefore very important for developing new treatments. In this talk I will explain how brain blood flow is controlled, how it can go wrong, and the novel ways our research has found to restore blood flow, and how this might lead to new treatments for stroke and dementia.
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