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Food for Thought

Ground floor venue with accessible toilets.
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors open 7pm
Event starts 7.30pm
Event finishes 9.30pm
Durham Amateur Rowing Club, Green Lane,
Durham DH1 3JU
Get your taste buds tingling as we explore the science of food! Enjoy a delicious talk about how chocolate fountains work and learn how chefs deal with with social crises using food. 

The Maths of Chocolate Fountains

Dr Adam Townsend (Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences)
Delicious, obviously, but would you believe they’re full of maths? In this talk, we’ll find out how to make predictions for chocolatey flows, and then work out (a) whether we can use other types of chocolate, (b) whether we could make a pioneering ketchup fountain, and (c) why chocolate fountains fall inwards, not directly downwards.

Buttermilk Fried Future: How Chefs Handle Cataclysms

Francesco Sergio (Outreach Researcher in the Department of Physica)
Emilia, 2012. An earthquake rattles northern Italy. About 600'000 wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano, a one-fifth of the overall production, are damaged.

Venice lagoon, 2023. At its peak, blue crab "invasion" ravages clam and oyster farming, leaving local fishermen struggling.

In this talk we will explore some of the innovative solutions chefs have invented to deal with social crises through food.

A talk about cooking as an act of resilience.
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