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Food for thought: maternal diet & adult health

Past event - 2016
23 May Doors open 6.30PM
Event 7:00-9.30PM
The Ship Inn, 41 Old Redbridge Road,
Southampton SO15 0NN
Is what your mother ate when pregnant really important? What effects might this have on your health later in life? Join us to find out, take part in some hands-on activities and enjoy some intelligent ice-cream. Pint of Science & Elsevier pub quiz prizes. Kindly sponsored by: Elsevier & the Institute for Life Sciences (IfLS) - http://www.southampton.ac.uk/ifls/index.page - of the University of Southampton. The Ship Inn has a car park, is a few minutes walk from Redbridge train station and is served by several bus services from the city centre.

Why do some of us get ill in later life and others don’t?

The reason why some of us get chronic diseases in later life, such as cardiovascular, metabolic and neurological type diseases, and others don't can be down to our mother's diet before we were born. This legacy can even be traced back to when we were a tiny egg or embryo. We use animal models to understand this early interaction between mother and embryo, why and how it occurs, and how it can lead to disease in adulthood. Scary! Tom will give an overview of this fascinating subject.

It can be traced back to when you were an egg!

Poor maternal diet then can change how the embryo develops and lead to disease in later life. Similar effects can occur in assisted conception such as IVF where the embryo is in an unusual 'in-vitro' environment. Joanna will tell you how the mother's diet can change how your brain develops!
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