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Friends or Foes? Exploring the past, present and future of cooperation and antisocial behaviour.

There is step-free access to the event but no accessible facilities. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 7pm
Event 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, 32-34 Kingsland Road,
London E2 8DA
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Our lives are inextricably linked to those of the people around us. Our societies and communities shape our views, our expectations and our behaviours. Join us for an evening exploring the notions of prosocial and antisocial behaviour through a panel discussion with academic experts in anthropology, psychology, social neuroscience and data science. We will be asking our panel of experts big questions about our human past, current phenomena in social behaviours, the role of social influence and what this all means for the future of our species.

About Dr Keri Wong

Dr Keri Wong (Assistant Professor of Psychology)
Dr Wong is a developmental psychologist and criminologist, lecturer, and podcast host at the UCL Institute of Education. Her research focuses on antisocial behaviour, including the developmental causes and consequences of crime and schizophrenia-spectrum disorders.

About Professor Lasana Harris

Professor Lasana Harris (Professor of Social Neuroscience)
Professor Harris uses a social neuroscience approach to explore the neural correlates of person perception, prejudice, dehumanization, anthropomorphism, social learning, social emotions, empathy, and punishment.

About Dr Mark Dyble

Dr Mark Dyble (Lecturer in Quantitative Anthropology)
Dr Dyble works alongside anthropologists, archaeologists, and biologists to study human behaviour from an evolutionary point of view. In particular, he is interested in social organisation and its relationship with kinship, cooperation, and conflict.

About Antonis Papasavva

Antonis Papasavva (PhD researcher in Cyber Security)
Antonis’ research focuses on the characterization and detection of racism, misogyny, and other types of discriminating and extreme behaviour in mainstream and non-mainstream online social networks, large scale data processing, and deep learning networks.

About the Moderator

Sarah Vickers (PhD student)
Sarah Vickers is a PhD student at UCL studying alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency using Mass Spectrometry. She is passionate about communicating our latest discoveries at UCL to the wider public. She is on the UCL Pint of Science team and is looking forward to using her previous public speaking experience to chair this panel.

About the Hosts

Enrico Mariconti (Lecturer at UCL studying Cybercrime)
Jo Foster (MSc student at UCL studying Cognitive and Decision Sciences)
Enrico Mariconti is a Lecturer at UCL studying Cybercrime and using statistical tools to detect malicious activities. He tries to understand how people behave on the internet and how to mitigate the effects of users acting against other communities.

Jo Foster is an MSc student at UCL studying Cognitive and Decision Sciences. She is fascinated by what drives our social behaviour and how we make decisions which affect not only our own lives but those of wider society.

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