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From fluids to image processing: the maths underpinning it all

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Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 7pm
Event 7:30-9:30pm
Saracens Head, 42 Broad St,
Bath BA1 5LP
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Have you ever wondered how a camera fixes a blurry photo or why the water in your glass moves in a particular way? This exciting evening of talks will answer these questions.

How to get pretty pictures: Inverse problems and regularisation.

Seb Scott (PhD Student)
You want to seek some quantity of interest, e.g. an MRI brain scan, or a clean image of the night sky, but all you have is an indirect or noisy measurement of it as well as information as to how said measurement was obtained, e.g. the physics behind an MRI scanner. The task of recovering said quantity of interest is known as an inverse problem and ends up being very challenging to solve both theoretically and practically. In this talk we will understand how one can write down an inverse problem mathematically and cover one way of solving them known as variational regularisation.

Fluids, fluids everywhere and not a drop to drink!

Kat Phillips (Science Communicator (Freelance) and Postdoc (University of Bath))
In this talk we will develop a keen understanding of all the physical aspects that make up the equations that govern nearly everything in the world around us. The Naiver-Stokes equations describe how a fluid moves and interacts with its environment, and by the end of this talk we will see how they can be applied to the smallest rain puddle, all the way up to understanding the cosmos.
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