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From Hip Cells to Implants

Past event - 2016
EVENT 7:30-10PM
Redchurch Brewery, 275-276 Poyser St,
London E2 9RF
Sold Out!
Bioengineering links traditional engineering with medicine. Tonight we will focus on the bioengineering of the hip joint and Arthritis, a disease which affects 8 mil. people in the UK. As bioengineers we try to understand how cells respond to mechanical forces to develop new devices and materials to replace the natural joint. We will describe some of the latest research exploring the role of biomechanics in the development of arthritis and new bioengineering implants for treatment of this painful condition. During the event, there will be Pint of Science goodies to be won!

What is Mechanobiology?

My research is focussed on 'mechanobiology' or how living cells and tissues respond to physical forces. In particular I am interested in the mechanical properties of living cells and the role of the fascinating cellular structure known as the primary cilium (cilia in plural). I work with a variety of different cell types including cartilage cells, tendon cells, cancer cells and stem cells helping to understand important diseases such as osteoarthritis, tendonopathy and cancer.

Implant design and technology

My field of research covers biomechanics, in particular, the development of measurement systems applied to the body. Aspects of my research include the evaluation of tissue engineered structures and developing accelerated wear testing, in vitro, for the evaluation of total hip joint replacements.