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From Language to the Lab

Full information on accessibility available at: https://www.theboileroom.net/accessibility
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors open 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
The Boileroom, 13 Stoke Fields,
Guildford GU1 4LS
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From tiny cells inside us, to the thoughts in our brain and the language we create. Today we'll be studying and learning more about some pretty clever stuff happening in you and me right now. Join our Surrey Scientists to find out more. 

What’s in a word? Exploring the relationship between language and thought

Dr Alexandra Grandison (Director of Learning and Teaching)
Ally Grandison is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Surrey and is the Director of the Surrey Baby Lab. Much of her research has investigated a phenomenon known as linguistic relativity, which is the idea that the language we speak shapes the way we think about or experience the world. The notion of linguistic relativity has been hotly debated within the public and academic arenas and has been a topic of focus in television documentaries, radio discussions and numerous research publications. This talk will take you on a journey over the rainbow, from the green hills of Surrey to the deserts of Africa and the beaches of the South Pacific. We will explore the world through the mind of an infant as they navigate without words, discover how our experiences change as we learn language as children, and see how adults with vastly different languages from across the globe perceive the concepts their words describe. These insights about how language and thought interact will reveal whether or not our views of the world are indeed influenced by the language that we speak.

The miraculous Perry-cyte

Dr Paola Campagnolo (Lecturer in Molecular Cardiovascular Science)
A magical adventure into the world of microvascular pericytes. Delve into the micro magical world and meet the tiny but mighty pericyte cell. These tiny cells, often overlooked in the grand tapestry of human biology, possess remarkable abilities, and wield profound influence over our vascular system.
Come and witness the power of the pericyte and see how they orchestrate the delicate dance of blood flow and vessel stability through regulation of blood pressure and nutrient exchange. Be astounded by their marvellous restorative properties and the impact they have on tissue regeneration. Have your mind blown by the transmogrifying power of the pericyte and how they can support the formation of new blood vessels. Cheer with joy when you see how the pericytes “hypnotise” white blood cells and control local immune function.
Come on! Come all to a spectacle filled 30 minutes on the magic of pericytes with the Campagnolo group.
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