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From the air we breathe, to the waste we leave...

Please note this venue is accessible from the road but has no accessible toilet. This venue has gender neutral toilets.
Past event - 2018
16 May Doors 6.00pm
Event 7.15pm to 10pm
Good Chemistry Brewing, 2 William St,
Bristol BS2 0RG
Sold Out!
Pollution and waste management are significant problems faced by global society. How can we, as citizens, help improve the air quality in our city? And with the help of electro-active microbes, can we turn waste from a burden into a valuable resource?

Why Science needs to Work With Social Science More: The case of Air Pollution and what it might mean for climate change

Dr Tim Chatterton (Senior Research Fellow)
A discussion of how the current high profile of air pollution in the media and, to some extent with the general public, has arisen from a policy bias towards favouring evidence from quantitative physical sciences, and how there needs to be much more interdisciplinary working across physical and social sciences if we are going to sort out some of the more significant, wicked, problems faced by global society. Join Tim to discover how we as citizens can help monitor the air quality in our city and across the country for a better, healthier future for all.

Electricity from urine by Microbial Fuel Cells

Dr Iwona Gajda (Senior Lecturer)
Recycling is one of the easiest ways of taking action for our planet. Taking inspiration from natural environments, where microbes are responsible for the biodegradation of organic materials, we can now reuse waste such as urine to create energy. This is possible by using Microbial Fuel Cells containing electro-active micro-organisms to turn urine into electricity; enough to charge your mobile, light up LEDs and power robots. Pee Power is part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as the 'Urine-tricity' project setting up field trials where light is unavailable, in developing countries.
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