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From the environment to exercise: influencing mental health and wellbeing

The theatre is wheelchair accessible. There is an accessible toilet in the bar area.
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Golden Goose Theatre, 146 Camberwell New Road,
London SE5 0RR
Ever wondered how external factors such as politics, society, and the environment shape your mental health? Come along to find out, and to hear about how you can use physical activity to boost your brain health.

Outside in: how social, political, and environmental factors shape mental health

Dr Jen Dykxhoorn (Principal Research Fellow, Division of Psychiatry, UCL)
The causes of mental health problems are complex and shaped by a web of social, political, and environmental factors. Drawing on new research from the UK and Sweden, Jen will explore how neighbourhood characteristics, housing affordability, immigration policy change, and more affect mental health problems. This talk will highlight how historically marginalised and excluded groups are particularly impacted by adverse environmental conditions, with important insights for mental health equity.

Can physical activity reshape your brain?

Dr Flaminia Ronca (Associate Professor, Department of Targeted Intervention, UCL)
Flaminia and her team have been researching the effects of physical activity on cognitive function and brain activity in both children and adults. While we may all agree that physical activity is good for us, we still don’t quite understand what intensity of activity we should be doing and which areas of cognition benefit the most. This talk will touch on how we can best use physical activity to optimise our mental wellbeing and brain health throughout the lifespan of a human being, and how individual differences (such as fitness and personality) can affect these responses.
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