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Fuels of the Future

Please note this venue has no step-free access.
Past event - 2018
14 May 19:00-21:00 (doors open 18:30)
Draft House Westbridge, 74-76 Battersea Bridge Rd,
London SW11 3AG
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The impact of fossil fuels on the planet and their contribution to climate change mean that alternative and renewable fuels must be discovered. Join us for a fascinating look at some of the research aimed at developing new fuels for the future in an attempt to save the planet.

Can Water Fuel our Future?

Dr Andreas Kafizas (Junior Research Fellow at the Department of Chemistry (Imperial College London))
To halt the catastrophic effects of climate change we must reduce our CO2 emissions. Photosynthesis is nature’s example of how sunlight can be used to produce renewable fuels. A particularly promising approach is the solar driven photolysis of water – water splitting – producing hydrogen fuel, which burns cleanly back to water without any CO2 release. However, an economically viable water splitting device remains elusive. My work focuses on metal oxide based water splitting devices can be produced by an industrially up-scalable method and show competitive efficiency and usage lifetime.

Hydrogen: Its Time Has Come

Professor Anthony Kucernak (Professor of Physical Chemistry at Imperial College London)
A “Hydrogen Economy” refers to the vision of using hydrogen as a low-carbon energy source. Hydrogen is desirable as an energy source because the only by-product of its use as a fuel is water. The Paris Climate Agreement has shown a real desire to cut carbon emissions worldwide – but what role can hydrogen play in achieving this goal? It can be used as a fuel for electric cars or as a clean replacement for natural gas. Despite its vast potential, the “Hydrogen Economy” has yet to be fully established – but we are close, and will explain why in this talk. Viva La Hydrogen Revolution!!!
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