Past event - 2017
17 May DOORS 7 PM
EVENT 7:30 - 9:30 PM
Dock 29 The Boulevard, Leeds Dock,
LS10 1PZ
Sold Out!
From the sewers to the streets, smarter cities are fast becoming a reality. How will life change as robots and clever cars integrate into our infrastructure? This event will showcase lead researchers in fields of driverless cars and structural civil engineering speaking on the future of urban life. Please note that this event takes place on the ground floor and is accessible for those with impaired mobility.

Your mobility in the city of Leeds: the role of driverless cars

Professor Natasha Merat (Research Group Leader for Human Factors and Safety)
A day does not go by where autonomous vehicles are not mentioned in the news and media. These vehicles are promised to be safer than us humans, and will be deployed to help reduce congestion and emissions, improve our mobility and safety. My talk will focus on a small study conducted in Europe, where driverless vehicle users were asked to comment on their safety, efficiency and use, as a form of public transport. I will ask whether Leeds and the UK is ready for demonstration and deployment of such vehicles. Photograph © Frédéric Le Lan / Communauté d’Agglomération de La Rochelle.

Talking to the Trees in the Concrete Jungle

Professor Philip Purnell (Professor of Materials and Structures)
Our infrastructure is the system of pipes, wires, roads etc. that brings the services we need to live our modern urban lives – mobility, data, energy, water and so on – into our homes and workplaces.
In this talk Professor Purnell will cover the magic material that underpins our infrastructure, the need for our infrastructure to be sustainable and resilient, and how our future infrastructure will be maintained by robots.