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Breaking the Cycle: Confronting Gender-Based Violence

This event has a ramp access into the building where this will be held on in the back room on the ground floor. There is a small step into the back room where this will be held.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 18:20 pm
Event 18:30 - 20:30 pm
PETER Pizzeria, 17-18 Baxter Gate,
Loughborough LE11 1TG
Diversity and inclusivity form the cornerstone of building sustainable and equitable societies. Understanding what this means and how it looks like in a social context is critical in debunking some of the myths and misconceptions pertaining to gender inclusivity, gender-based violence and victimisation of the most vulnerable persons in communities. The talks will provide a comprehensive understating on some of the factors and proposed solutions to consider when mapping gender inclusivity in societies.  

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Deconstructing Rape Myths

Selena Mariano  (Doctoral Researcher)
Growing awareness of Italy’s gender gap fuels focus on violent discrimination, particularly secondary victimisation. The Council of Europe defines this as a ‘victimization not from the crime itself, but from institutions and individuals’ response to the victim’. Despite being a recognised phenomenon by European Institutions and the international specialised literature, it’s often overlooked. Therefore, this talk seeks to shed understanding on how secondary victimisation is carried out through language, especially in rape and sexual violence criminal proceedings and to ultimately find solutions that protect women’s rights in the legal setting.

"You Shouldn't Wear a Skirt Anymore": Gender Stereotypes Under Sexual Offences in China

Eleanor Li (Doctoral Researcher)
Rape is an increasing global health issue. As one of the biggest countries in the world, rape is a severe and prevailing crime in China that entails imperative attention. According to a recent statistic, 19.6% of Chinese women had experienced sexual violence. An earlier study conducted in Guangzhou, one of the most representative cities in China, has demonstrated that 1.6% of female college students have been victimized in rape within the past 12 months. Compared with such high incident rates, the reporting rate of rape in China is relatively low with only 10% of reported cases. To provide more comprehensive understanding, this talk will explore causes and factors within the society/culture that are associated with rape myths.
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