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Getting to the Heart of the matter

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Past event - 2018
16 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, 42-44 Pollard Row,
London E2 6NB
How much do you really know about your heart? Can it really continue beating even when disconnected from the body? How many times can your heart beat in a lifetime? Come to discover more about this amazing organ and what happens if something goes wrong. Join us and the BHF in the ground floor room for the chance to win amazing Pint of Science goodies!

Cardiovascular risk: Finding old hearts and new genes

Dr Riyaz Patel (Senior Clinical Research Fellow)
Heart attacks are feared – and for good reason. Fully understanding what causes a myocardial infarction is the first step to preventing one from happening. We can use that information to identify people at highest risk and then intervene to try and improve the chances of avoiding that fate. We can also use the same information to develop new heart medicines like statins. Recently, genetics has opened up new possibilities in heart disease research. This talk will cover some of these areas around heart attack risk and how genetics is helping to transform the field.

Mapping the road (of immune cells) to your heart

Dr Edward Stephenson (Clinical Research Training Fellow)
Acute myocarditis is a fascinating example of a heart condition that links infections and autoimmunity – the body attacking itself. It is becoming increasingly recognised in the UK as an important cause of heart disease in young adults yet, despite being first described over 100 years ago, the diagnosis remains challenging. Unmasking the inner workings of the immune system may provide clues to help diagnosing and treating this condition.
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