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Gravitational Gala: A Celestial Celebration

Step-free access with accessible toilets. Over 18's only, Dogs Welcome
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 7pm
Event 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Alexandra Hotel, Alexandra Public Bar, 69 Hessle Road,
Hull HU3 2AB
Join us for a night of celebration! Throughout our universe Supernovae light up the skies with decorative bursts and flares scattering elements for life across space, while great black holes twist and shake the fabric of the universe with their gravitational force. Together, we will explore how we can look into the cosmos and study these giants using an exciting new method!

Observing the Universe with Gravity

James McKee (Lecturer)
For almost all of human history, we could only observe the universe with light. From early humans looking up at the stars to space-based X-ray telescopes studying black holes, we were restricted to this one method. In the last few years, this has changed, and we can now see the universe in a way that was never before possible: using gravity itself. In this talk I will describe what gravitational waves are and how they are detected. I will talk about what the first decade of gravitational wave astronomy has taught us about the universe, the part that Hull has played, and what the future holds for this revolutionary new field of astronomy.

Stellar Nucleosynthesis

Paul Fong (Teacher and PhD Researcher)
Discover how the universe, vast and majestic, is shaped by the subtle yet profound nuclear reactions within stars. These celestial forges not only create elements but also, through their dramatic ends, scatter them across space, seeding new stars, planets, and life.

Join Paul Fong, a PhD researcher in Astrophysics and physics teacher, for an engaging and enlightening lecture that journeys through the heart of cosmic creation. Paul brings complex cosmic phenomena of nucleosynthesis down to Earth, weaving together the story of the universe's formation with the wonders of the night sky we see today. This talk is a must-see for anyone curious about the universe's secrets and our place within it.
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