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Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 6:30pm
Event 7.00-9.30pm
The Winning Post, 127-129 Bishopthorpe Road,
York YO23 1NZ
A series of four diverse talks discussing how we are influenced by our interactions with the natural world, how art can be used as a connection between science and health, what 'bad cholesterol' actually means and what can we do about it, and finally does exercise do more harm than good?

If The River Knows Us

Cath Heinemeyer (Storyteller and Lecturer in Arts and Ecological Justice)
A short performance and mini-workshop exploring our own embodied relationships with the natural world through spoken word and music. As co-convenor of YSJU’s Ecological Justice Research Group, she is currently coordinating an interdisciplinary ‘Living Lab’ in which students and staff from ten subjects are collaborating to investigate and tackle the problem of poor air quality and its impacts on human health – come along to the Living Lab Street Festival on 11th May at 4-7pm, also part of the Pint Of Science.

Creative spaces in Hospitals

Griselda Goldsbrough (Art and Design Development Manager and Dementia Champion at York and Scarborough Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust )
Join artist Griselda Goldsbrough, in one of many hats, curious about how art can connect and learn from science and be shared in healthcare settings. Pencils to hand to share your ideas! She creates art projects which have innovative outreach elements that open the possibilities to as many participants as possible including community groups, health professionals and patients.

Cholesterol: Fat's All Folks

Jillian Webster (Specialist Nurse for Familial Hypercholesterolaemia )
Just what is cholesterol and why do we need it? Exploring good and bad cholesterol, how our bodies use and deal with cholesterol and what a normal cholesterol level looks like, inherited cholesterol conditions and how we identify and treat them.

Outrunning injury: why we injure, why it hurts, and what can we do about it.

Luke Madge (MSK Advanced Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist & PhD candidate)
Running injuries are a pain in the ass, or more often, a pain in the knee and ankle. From special shoes to foam rolling, calf raises and cupping, the internet is brimming with advice about running injuries. How can we separate fact from fiction? What does science tell us about why we injure and the mechanisms the underpin why they hurt? Join me to explore the evidence on injuries, pain, and notably what the future holds for injury reduction.

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