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We Are Living in a Material World

Please note this event takes place on the first floor, however step-free access is available.
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open from 7pm
Event 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Miller and Carter, 23 Milsom St,
Bath BA1 1DE
Sold Out!
Our society is buying, using and discarding materials at a rapid and unsustainable pace. As natural resources are running out, we need to seek new materials and more efficient processes to reduce our footprint. On our second night of “Tech me out”, we will explore how scientists design and develop new materials for energy harvesting or even for tissue regeneration! Come and join us to learn what chemistry and engineering can do to improve our future!

Engineering Thermostable Vaccines for Developing Countries

Dr Asel Sartbaeva (Lecturer, Department of Chemistry)
More info coming your way soon!

Novel Energy Materials: From Materials Design to Realisation in a Range of Energy Harvesting Applications

Dr Hamideh Khanbareh (Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
Embedded sensor systems used in our daily lives are powered by batteries, which need to be recharged or replaced, thus pollute the environment once thrown away. The environment offers several forms of energy to be converted, such as solar power, wind energy and vibrations. Here we focus on harvesting mechanical and thermal energy using ferroelectric materials. I will introduce new materials with outstanding pressure sensing capabilities for touch sensing, large area flexible devices for artificial skin and porous ceramics for the next generation of energy harvesters.

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23 Milsom St, Bath, BA1 1DE, United Kingdom 23 Milsom St, Bath, BA1 1DE, United Kingdom
23 Milsom St, Bath, BA1 1DE, United Kingdom 23 Milsom St, Bath, BA1 1DE, United Kingdom