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Health For All – what if no one was left behind?

This event takes place on the first floor with access via a lift. There are accessible toilets.
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7pm to 9pm
Turing Tap, 421-423 Oxford Rd,
Manchester M13 9WG
Sold Out!
What would healthcare look like if no one was left behind? Behind every statistic or piece of data related to healthcare inequality is an individual story of someone working to make healthcare a more equitable place. Join Havas Lynx Group for a panel discussion as they explore how making healthcare more inclusive can reach more people, bring effective medicines to market, support more patients, and maybe even improve commercial and clinical outcomes.

This talk is biased

For evidence-based medicine, we require, well, evidence. Or, in an increasingly digital world, data.

But how we collect that data, who from, and what we do with it matters. When the biases in everyday life creep into things we see as inherently impartial (like data collection and analysis), it affects the results.

In healthcare, bias affects who gets diagnosed, who gets treated and who benefits from treatment. But if we’re aware of those biases we can address them, and design healthcare that actually works for everyone.

Women’s health

Imagine if you ordered a pint and you got given a half. Or if the taxi taking you home only took you halfway. Would you think it was a great service? Probably not.

Yet when our healthcare system sees ‘women’s health’ and ‘women’s problems’ as purely ‘women’s challenges’, that’s what’s happening. We see an under-representation of women in medical leadership, and infrastructure that isn’t built to meet the needs of half of the population.

By thinking of women’s healthcare as intrinsic to human healthcare, we can open avenues of research and opportunities to improve healthcare that have been closed before.