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How AI became Seriously Useful and not a Threat to Humanity

Please note this event will be held in a cellar bar accessed by a narrow staircase and there is no step-free access
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
32Below, 32B West Nicholson Street,
Edinburgh EH8 9DD
Sold Out!

Join us in 32 Below as we find out about the usefulness of Artificial Intelligence and whether or not smart machines are a threat to humanity (and if not, what we should be worrying about instead). The night will include two speakers, time for questions and much more!

How Artificial Intelligence became Seriously Useful (and Surprisingly Important)

Professor Dave Robertson (Head of College of Science and Engineering, University of Edinburgh)
Everyone thinks they know about artificial intelligence but not a lot of people know that many of the foundations of AI were built in Edinburgh. We’ve seen its birth, adolescence and now its difficult middle age at which it's become a big part of the community.  Unlike the early days, a lot of this stuff now works, although not always as straightforwardly as you might hope. In this talk, we'll cover the capabilities of AI and how it might mature, which is coloured by how it has grown up.

Smart Machines Are Not a Threat to Humanity

Professor Alan Bundy (Professor of Automated Reasoning, University of Edinburgh)
Poplualr media has gripped us with the idea of an AI system gone rogue. I-Robot. Ex-Machina. Age of Ultron. However, worrying about machines that are too smart, may be distracting us from the real threat: machines that are too dumb. AI systems must have the ability to explain their reasoning in a way that users can understand and assent to, we are responsible for them. Because of their open-ended behaviour, AI systems are also inherently hard to verify. Dr Alan Bundy will explain in this talk why we shouldn't worry about smart machines turning on us.