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How to Stay Healthy: Is There a Secret?

Please note, the event space is only accessible via stairs.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 7pm
Event 7:30pm - 9:30 pm
Red Goat Climbing, 6 Redeness Street,
York YO31 7UU
This event, hosted above a unique venue (complete with indoor climbing wall, table tennis tables, outdoor roof top terrace, and downstairs pizza restaurant), will examine how small changes in how we live may impact our health as we age. 

Why doesn’t cancer therapy cure everyone?

Tom Hughes (Professor of Biosciences)
'Cancer' refers to a collection of diseases characterised by unique gene and protein expression profiles controlling the development and behaviour of these solid tumours. However, tumours are more than just a bunch of abnormal cancer cells growing uncontrollably. In reality, there is a vast array of supporting cellular players - loosely described as the tumour microenvironment - that contribute to the formation, growth, and treatment response. However, if we have already spent untold sums of money and research hours to developing better treatments, then why can't we cure cancer yet? In this talk, Tom will explore 2 main ideas: 1) the fact that, despite intense research, we still mostly deliver anti-cancer agents poorly to cancer cells (since we deliver them everywhere and toxicity in tissues other than the cancer is what limits our ability to kill cancer cells). A new approach is needed - so can we selectively deliver therapies only to cancer cells by using 'nanoparticles'? 2) Why are some cancers still resistant to therapies even if we do deliver agents effectively? Are there barriers that block them from working properly?

Factory Tour: Behind the scenes with Blood

Zoe Ingold (Postdoctoral researcher. Hitchcock Lab, Centre for Blood Research at York)
For most of us our encounters with blood hopefully don't extend too much beyond "Oh dear, where did I put the plasters this time?" but, behind the scenes, blood does so much more than transport oxygen and inconveniently leak on the chopping board. In this talk we'll discover the many roles it plays in life and explore the complexities of this mega factory on a molecular level.

Is any exercise good for you?

Alex Beaumont (Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology)
We are always seeking new and accessible ways to delay ageing, with exercise or physical activity a possible solution! In this talk we will explore the influence of various types of exercise and physical activity on health and cardiovascular function, including some novel methods we can use to assess the function of the heart. I will also examine the effects of ageing and activity on physical health, from structured exercise and high-intensity interval training to alternate forms of activity, such as golf and golf caddying

Air Pollution and Cancer Risk - is there a link?

Adam Odell (Senior Lecturer in Biosciences)
With only 7 countries in the world meeting the air quality levels as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the incidence of non-transmittable diseases rising, is it time to take air pollution more seriously. This talk will discuss how air pollution may trigger disease and whether there is any link between what we breathe and the increase in cancer rates for the under 40s.
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