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Human Beings 2.0

Step-free access is available, Toilets are fully accessible. There will also be access to a private bar where food and drinks will be available for purchase.
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
The Griff , Garrod Building, Turner St,
London E1 2AD
HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system and remains in the body once a person is infected. New treatments can ensure those infected have a normal life expectancy, with a healthy immune system. Tonight you will hear about what we know, where we are and what’s next in our fight against HIV. Is genetic engineering the way to beat HIV? Is this the beginning of genetically modified humans?

Pint of Science goodies to be won during the night!

How to prevent, treat (and cure) HIV

Dr Jane Deayton (Clinical Senior Lecturer in HIV)
HIV is a new human disease with an extraordinary back story. A global pandemic, with approximately 39 million deaths to date, resulted from a single event when one human was infected with an animal virus. From invariably fatal, HIV is now considered a chronic treatable condition with normal life expectancy. I will review the expanding repertoire of highly-effective drugs which can reverse and prevent immunosuppression in HIV and are increasingly used to prevent HIV infection. I will also discuss the human gene CCR5 and its importance in recent developments in HIV cure and prevention.

Are we ready for designer babies?

Professor Richard Ashcroft (Professor of Bioethics)
CRISPR gene editing allows scientists to scan an individual’s complete genome, cut the DNA and delete, insert or repair parts of the genetic code. A scientist recently came under fire for using this technology in an attempt to engineer babies immune to HIV infection. Genome editing is an exciting new technology, with huge potential to transform human health. But with big potential comes big controversy: just because we can edit someone’s DNA, should we? In this short talk I will set up the ethical debate, reflecting on the current status of the controversy morally, socially and scientifically.
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