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If I Could Talk To The Animals...

Please note this venue is accessible from the road but has no accessible toilet. This venue has gender neutral toilets.
Past event - 2018
14 May Doors 6.00pm
Event 7.15pm to 10pm
Good Chemistry Brewing, 2 William St,
Bristol BS2 0RG
Sold Out!
The ever expanding population of planet earth means we are living more closely with wildlife than ever before. Can we co-exist? And in an acoustic environment, how does the noise we produce impact on wildlife? Join us to find out… Please note Lizzie Daly who was originally advertised to talk at this is event is no longer available.

Life in a noisy world: How animals use and respond to sound

Andy Radford (Professor of Behavioural Ecology)
Close your eyes and listen, anywhere in the world, and you will hear a plethora of sounds. My talk will explore ways in which this acoustic environment is of fundamental importance to animal behaviour. I will consider the use of vocalisations to mediate both social conflict and cooperative actions, show that animals eavesdrop on the vocal signals of other species, and discuss how noise produced by human activities can have an impact on wildlife.

Life and Conservation in the Jungles of Borneo

Christy Harrison (Wildlife presenter, broadcaster and public speaker)
Zoologist, conservationist and primate expert Christy spent many years in the jungles of Borneo studying and leading teams of volunteers for the Orangutan Foundation UK. In this talk, Christy takes you through the trials and tribulations of jungle life and what it taught her about the most ancient rainforest on the planet.
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