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Inflammation: a double edged sword

Ground floor, both step, and ramp access available and accessible toilet.
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open 19:00
Event 19:30-21:30
Whiskey Blue, 74 London Rd,
Southampton SO15 2AJ
The immune system is a vital part of our body’s defence against pathogens, damaged cells and helps with healing injuries by triggering inflammation.  However, body’s own defences can turn against us, sparking immune response against our own proteins or harmless compounds, causing chronic inflammation. Join us to hear what happens when inflammation takes the wrong turn in asthma and inflammatory bowel disease. But it always takes two to tango, so there is more to these diseases than inflammation. Could it be certain genes? Can we use AI, and personalised medicine to help us?

Breath of Fresh Air: ADAM33's Game-Changing Therapy for Asthma?

Dr. Hans Michael HAITCHI  (Associate Professor in Respiratory Medicine & Clinician Scientist within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton and Honorary Consultant Physician in the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust )
Asthma is a disease of the lungs that affects around 300 million people worldwide and is particularly common among children. Its tendency to run in families suggests a genetic link influenced by various environmental factors like allergens, viruses, and cigarette smoke.
ADAM33, a gene associated with asthma, is linked to airway twitchiness, which is a common asthma symptom.
Join us for the talk to discover how targeting ADAM33 could revolutionise asthma treatment, offering a new ray of hope for patients seeking relief from this condition.

AI, genomics and personalised medicine

Dr. James Ashton (Clinical Senior Lecturer )
Many diseases are complex, meaning they are difficult to understand, difficult to treat and are caused by the environment and our genes. In many situations we are unable to optimally treat patients because we don’t know what the cause is, what the outcomes will be or what treatments will work best. Our question is, can we use AI and genomics to provide personalised medicine? And why inflammatory bowel disease is important for this! Can these contemporary techniques revolutionise the way we look after our patients.
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