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Investigating the mysteries of the brain

Ground floor access. Disabled toilet available.
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 6pm
Event 7-10pm
The Foundry, 77 Stour Street,
Canterbury CT1 2NR
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Tonight's presentations focus on positive and negative aspects of human thought. To begin, we will investigate the impact of art on individuals, and discuss why responses differ. We will then hear about people who have specific cognitive issues and how this impacts on their interaction with their immediate environment and others.

Food for thought: What is a good mealtime for people with dementia and what can we all learn from it?

Dr Rasa Mikelyte (Research Assistant)

Many people living with dementia experience difficulties at mealtimes. This is particularly true in care/nursing homes, where mealtimes are inflexible routines. My talk is about a research study, which aimed to improve meals and mealtime experiences in two dementia care wards. The talk will invite you to imagine yourself in the position of a person with dementia who has mealtime difficulties. I plan to show that my research findings bear relevance to all of us – not only people with dementia.

‘Who’ said ‘what’ and why it matters to the brain? Evidence from Autism spectrum disorder

Mahsa Barzy (Postgraduate Researcher)
An intact language system (e.g. “grammar, vocabulary, etc.”) is not adequate for making successful social interactions but language is interpreted in context e.g. based on speaker/listener’s mood, knowledge about the world, speaker etc. Individuals with autism have social communication difficulties, usually without any language impairments, associated with difficulties in integrating information from context. I will address how and to what extent people with/without autism rely on speakers' voices to anticipate a message and what happens in the brain when voice and message don't match.

This is Your Brain on the Arts

Dr Freya Vass-Rhee (Lecturer in Drama and Theatre)
How do we think about art? How do we decide that something is art or isn't? Why do we treat artworks as special? Why do we appreciate some artworks more than others? In this participatory talk/demonstration, interdisciplinary researcher Freya Vass-Rhee uses arts-sciences experiments to offer answers to these and other questions, and also show how researchers use finding about “your brain on the arts” to enhance well-being.

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