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It's a small world after all

Step-free access; under 18s welcome until 9:30pm
Past event - 2018
14 May Doors open 18:45; Event starts 19:15; Event ends 21:30
Stein Garten, 46-47 High Street,
Southampton SO14 2NS
Sold Out!
Have you ever wondered why in a pint of Guinness, the bubbles seem to go down when they actually go up? Or how two melting glaciers flow parallel without ever mixing? At the microscale the physics of water go haywire! If you were the size of a bacterium, swimming in water would feel like swimming in honey! Come and find out more at our event on May the 14th. It is a small world, after all... Kindly supported by the Public Engagement Unit.

Science, Schools and Me

Ian B Dunne (Science Presenter, Educational, Entertaining Science Showman)
Science, Schools and Me will be presented by Ian, who has more than 20 years experience working at the leading edge of science presentation in schools. His talk will be relating to some of his most bizarre experiences in schools, some great questions that have been asked and a couple of his favourite demos.

Lab-on-a-chip: making models of our lungs in the lab

Dr Emily Swindle (Associate Professor in Pharmacology)
Our lungs are amazing. In addition to the vital function of breathing, they form a protective barrier that stops bugs and dust from entering deeper into our bodies. However, for many millions of people with chronic lung diseases, such as asthma, the cells that form this protective barrier do not function properly. Working with engineers and physical scientists, my research utilises lab-on-a-chip technology to create automated, miniaturized devices (1p size) which contain living human lungs cells to monitor responses in real-time and aid development of new drug treatments for lung disease.

Event host - Tony Curran

Environmental Science Communicator and Public Engagement specialist at the University of Southampton (for further information see www.tonycurran.co.uk)