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It's getting windy in here

The Electric Theatre aims to make its facilities accessible to all members of the community. There is level or ramped access to the auditorium
Past event - 2017
16 May 19:00 - 21:30
The Electric Theatre Cafe Bar Millbrook,
Guildford, Surrey GU1 3YA
How would wind tunnel technology help to prevent falls or ensure adequate hydration within healthcare? And once the technology was built, how would you test its capabilities and maximum capacity? The two Davids will help you out!

Application of wind tunnel technology to health care

Dr David M. Birch (Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering)
One of the biggest obstacles facing the development of new medical technologies is that doctors and engineers rarely talk to each other. Recently, physicians at King's College Hospital in London started talking to aerospace engineers at the University of Surrey, and the results have been some unlikely and unexpected transfer of technology from wind-tunnel testing systems to patient care. For example, systems designed for monitoring noise in landing gear bays can be used to detect heart problems.

How to break things

Dr David Jesson (Research Fellow and Manager of the Mechanical Testing Facility)
What connects the International Space Station, a wind turbine, a pallet and Nelson’s Column? Like everything else around us, from books to smart phones, from tools to gizmos, from roads to cars, everything is made of materials. Whilst we may use a particular material for a particular property (e.g. something conductive for electronics), sooner or later, its mechanical performance needs to be characterised: this can make the difference between a structure that is too heavy to work or too expensive to build. So let’s crack on and take a look at “How to break things”.