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Knowing me knowing you

Event will occur on the ground floor, with ramp access
Past event - 2018
15 May Doors 19:00
Event 19:30-21:30
The Old Laundrette, Old Cinema Laundrette, 38 Marshall Terrace,
Durham DH1 2HX
How do we perceive our bodies in relation to the world around us? What determines body ideals? How are psychological experiments done in the jungle? Come and listen to answers to these fascinating questions and more and learn to know me and you! 

Television and body ideals in the jungle

Dr Lynda Boothroyd (Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology)
For three years, academics from Durham and Newcastle worked in the remote Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, documenting body ideals and attitudes amongst a population just getting regular access to global media. I will discuss the highs and lows of attempting to run Psychology experiments in the jungle, and answer one of the defining questions of the modern era: does television make us want to be thinner?

My body and me: senses, brains, and phantom limbs

Dr Dorothy Cowie (Assistant Professor in the department of Psychology (Durham University))
Where is your body? Of course, it’s the one you can see right there. But illusions can make you believe otherwise: so in fact the brain uses information from the senses to construct its best guess of where the body is. I will discuss how this field is improving our understanding of childhood development, medical conditions, and virtual reality.