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Learning and working in a digital age

This venue has step-free entrance and accessible facilities.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Star and Shadow Cinema, Warwick St,
Newcastle NE2 1BB
Lauren Scott looks at how to convince students to learn and revise at home by making online learning like games. Carlos Alvirez will talk about the people working behind the technologies we use in everyday life from ordering food on apps to building websites.

Studying the Impact of Gamification on Motivation in Remote Programming Education 

With a hybrid approach of face-to-face and remote learning increasing in the higher education sector, motivating students to work at home remains a challenge. One thing that isn’t a challenge? Convincing students to play video games. This research investigates the hypothesis that by utilising gamification methods, educators can increase student motivation for their online learning, with this research taking place in the context of learning programming. Concluding two studies, findings include an increased motivation when gamified elements are incorporated in virtual learning environments.

Workers Behind the Screen: What’s It Like to Work for an Algorithm?

Technology has made it incredibly easy to match professional service providers with customers. We can get food delivered to our doorstep, call a driver to nearly any location, and even hire a coder to build a website – all through apps on our mobile devices. As customers, these apps may be very convenient. However, the people making these services work are often obscured behind our screens. This talk will peek underneath the screen and illuminate the technologies and human costs that make these apps work. Are these apps the future of work we want?

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