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Let there be light!

Venue accessible with accessible toilets
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors open 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Sandy's Bar @ The Union, St Mary's Place,
St Andrews KY16 9UZ
Exoplanets and UV light. The final frontier (not really).

These are the voyages of Pint of Science St Andrews. 

Your mission; join our three science superstars as they whisk us through some exciting science all about planets and light!


Our Shiny World

Emily Hanover (PhD Scholar)
Tabea Heil (PhD Scholar)
What does a lightbulb and your vitamin B12 tablets have in common? How about tonic water? The all contain molecules which emit visible light.
Whether you know it or not, we rely heavily on molecules that emit light; whether that be in phones, TVs, LED lights. In this talk, we will be talking about the chemistry and physics behind molecules that emit light. It's set to be an illuminating night!

Hunt for Planet B

Ancy Anna John (PhD Scholar)
Did you know there are over 5600 planets discovered dancing around stars beyond our Sun, known as 'exoplanets'? Using various methods, we've unveiled a rich tapestry of worlds, which has made us appreciate the uniqueness of our own Solar System. This talk will illustrate how unique our Solar System is, how hard it is to find an ‘exo-Earth’ in the habitable zone of other Suns, and the ground-breaking advancements propelling the search for our cosmic twin. Get ready to ride the wave of discovery!
Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors.

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