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Let's Talk About Sex

Please note that there is no step-free access to this venue
Past event - 2018
14 May Doors open 6.30pm
Event 7pm - 9pm
The Gunmakers Arms, 93 Bath Street,
Birmingham B4 6HG
Sold Out!
Join us for a thought-provoking evening looking at issues of gender and sexuality. From the taboos around women’s sexual health and wellbeing to the place of pornography, in particular gay porn, as a feature of contemporary popular culture and its relationship to modern masculinity.

Why gay porn makes you question your masculinity

Professor John Mercer (Professor of Gender and Sexuality at Birmingham City University)
It is commonplace to argue that porn causes ‘harm’ (even whilst the nature of harm is rarely defined much less the mechanisms through which harm takes place) and that porn is ‘obscene’. I will argue, not that porn is necessarily harmful or a marginal ‘obscene’ commodity, but instead a central feature of contemporary popular culture and that gay porn in particular is an especially useful site to look at the meanings of modern masculinity.

The vagina dialogue: communication taboos around menstruation, sex and menopause.

Dr Annalise Weckesser (Medical Anthropologist at Birmingham City University)
Dr Keeley Abbott (Lecturer in Social Psychology at Birmingham City University)
Communication taboos surround not only women’s sexuality, but also many aspects of women’s health. To help address the stigma and silences around women’s (sexual) health, we organised ‘The VQ: a women’s health, sex & pleasure pop up’ to create a fun, safe and sex positive space for women of Birmingham. Join us to learn more about the research that led us to launch the VQ. We’ll also talk about the highs (attracting women of all ages and backgrounds to the event) and lows (poor and sensationalist media coverage) of organising the UK’s first health & sex shop for women.
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