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Life on the Border: Our Bodies' Barriers

Past event - 2017
17 May Doors 6:30pm. Event 7-9:30pm.
Nottingham Contemporary (Cafe), weekday cross,
Nottingham NG1 2GB
Sold Out!
Join us in an exploration of our relationship with the barriers inside our bodies. Hear how our lungs, skin, and gut protect us, how we react, and how we use and abuse them. Take a closer look at skin cells under the microscope, how do your lungs compare to Michael Phelps, and view some MRI images of our insides!

Eczema can feel like a rollercoaster

Laura Howells (PhD Student)
"“If we had a scale to measure the long-term control of your eczema, what would it look like?” One patient told me “it’d look like a rollercoaster of angry red spikes… affects your mood and emotions, with spikes of flares and angry skin.”

Eczema comes and goes over time. We want to know how to measure these changes and where better to start than talking to those living with eczema?

Join me to find out how we did this using a tool available to many of us – the internet! I’ll share what we found out and how we will use this information to inform future research.

The gut barrier: Super Inside Me

Giles Major (Clinical Research Fellow)
Who really needs to be gluten-free, which ones are the friendly bacteria and can a faecal transplant ever be a good idea?

Dr Giles Major is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Gastroenterology at the University of Nottingham and has still not had his doctor’s licence taken away.

This talk will break down the science of digestion, and what happens when it goes wrong, into easy to swallow, bite size servings. You’ll learn how the film Alien ends in real life, and how brewing may hold the key to preventing diabetes. Best taken after food.

E-cigarettes: Public Health’s Friend or Foe?

Tessa Langley (Assistant Professor)
E-cigarettes are safer than tobacco, study confirms.” “E-cigarette users may be at risk of a stroke.” Google ‘e-cigarettes’ and you’ll be faced with a raft of conflicting information about the health risks, effectiveness as a stop smoking aid, and their role as a gateway to smoking for children. Even public health experts can’t all agree whether they should be promoting their use. This talk will attempt to cut through the haze by giving an overview of the ongoing debates and the current state of the scientific evidence on e-cigarettes.