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Looking to the future

This venue has step-free access, but does not have accessible toilets.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 6pm
Event 7.30-9.00pm
Dig Brew Co., 43 River Street,
Birmingham B5 5SA
Bridging the gap between physical sciences and biology is a crucial part of scientific discovery. This evening will be spent delving into the world of chemists tackling disease by using superior man-made materials and discussing astrobiology as a concept for identifying other worldly life. How can we tackle antibacterial resistance and do aliens really exist?

Lighting up bacterial injection

Dr George Williams (Post Doctoral Researcher)
Antibiotic resistant bacteria are quickly becoming the greatest threat to human health in the world. It is predicted that by 2050, more people will die of bacterial infections than cancer. The spread of this resistance is driven by the use of antibiotics when they aren’t necessary. In an effort to slow the spread of resistance, our group has designed wound dressings and swabs that change colour and glow, identifying infection earlier and preventing the overuse of antibiotics.

Nanoparticles vs Bacteria

Dr Maria Odyniec (Post Doctoral Researcher)
Bacteria have evolved a unique survival strategy in forming biofilms. Biofilms are complex micro-communities of bacteria, which together can protect themselves from destruction by disinfection agents or antibiotics, contributing to the serious global problem of antibiotic resistance. This talk will focus on biofilms in dental applications and the use of nano-sized drug delivery systems and imaging agents to overcome challenges in antimicrobial resistance.

Extremophiles and what they tell us about the habitability of the Solar System

Ben Tatton (PhD Researcher)
Does life exist only on Earth? To try and answer this question, I study the conditions under which life can exist on Earth and apply this knowledge to other bodies in the Solar System. During this talk I will take you on a tour of places within the Solar System that have been suggested to be habitable and discuss strategies that microbial life may employ to be able to survive there. I will focus on extremophilic organisms living in environments that mimic some of the physical and chemical conditions suggested to have been found on a young Mars with a warmer and wetter climate.

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