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Magnets, Melanin & Movies

Please note this event takes place in a basement room and has no step-free access, or nearby accessible toilet. Main bar open all day for pre-event food and drinks.
Past event - 2022
11 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Tempest on Tithebarn, Tempest Building, 12 Tithebarn Street,
Liverpool L2 2DT
Sold Out!
Join us for this evening of delving into the extraordinary! What can magnetism tell us about the history of our planet? What is the actual structure of melanin? And just how much of this science does Hollywood get 'Right'.....?? 

That flippin' field: Earth's magnetic secrets

Professor Andrew Biggin (Professor of Palaeomagnetism)
My research allows me to use magnetic rocks to look deep into the Earth a long time ago. In this talk, I will take you on a journey to reveal the secrets of this murky patch of space-time. I will tell you about our planetary core of molten iron that has been churning violently for billions of years; about the core freezing from the bottom up, making a Pluto-sized ball of solid iron in the middle of our planet; and about the ups and downs of an invisible force field that surrounds our planet and protects its lifeforms.

Bringing melanin’s dark secrets to light: towards next-gen nanomedicine

Micaela Matta (Marie Curie Individual Fellow)
Melanin is the dark pigment present in human hair, eyes and skin. It is produced in our body as we tan, and it is linked to disorders like albinism, vitiligo and melanoma. Melanin’s molecular structure has remained a mystery for decades. We have only recently started to unravel the most remarkable property of this pigment: its natural conductivity. This feature is inspiring scientists to build the next generation of biocompatible electronic devices for applications in nanomedicine, implants & diagnostics.

Hollywood Physics

Professor Carsten Welsch (Head of Physics Department)
In this talk Carsten will examine cinema’s most mind-boggling moments of scientific inaccuracy. He will discuss where Hollywood gets the physics wrong and how the correct science would impact on the films. He will also talk about how our current research goes beyond even the most exciting movie plots.

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