Other London events

Make My World

Past event - 2015
18 May Doors open 5.30pm
Event 6pm-10pm
The Old Crown, 33 New Oxford St,
London WC1A 1BH
This event is about super smart stuff, and how technology is being applied in ways we never thought it would.

I (Heart) Computer Science

Professor Anthony Finkelstein
Some people call computer science the ‘physics of the 21st Century’ but … what is it? … what does it involve? … why is it important? This talk will try to answer these questions by looking at an example of how computer scientists think about problems. Follow @profserious #pint15

How Smart Materials Will Drive the Exoskeletons of the Future – Chainmail Singing into a Custard-Soaked Shape-shifting Wetsuit

Mark Ransley
Robotic exoskeletons could be a life changer for the millions of people around the world suffering mobility issues. However the current options available are far from adequate as a result of our robotics paradigm being centred around motors and pneumatics. In this talk we discuss a number of novel materials that are being developed for the next generation of wearable assistive technologies at UCL, materials capable of contracting, morphing, stiffening and locking on demand.

Replumbing the Heart

Dr Gaetano Burriesci
The risks associated with open heart operations call for a development of the new methods of treatments. In this talk, Gaetano will discuss how modern engineering approaches allow implantation of artificial heart valves without surgery, and the work that is going on at the UCL Cardiovascular Engineering Laboratory to improve the safety and efficacy of this transformative procedure.