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Making Memories

This event takes places on the first floor and is accessible either via stairs or a lift. Accessible toilet available. Main bar open all day for pre-event food and drinks.
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Leaf on Bold Street, 65–67 Bold Street,
Liverpool L1 4EZ
Our memories are the bridge between the past and present-they help us move forward into the future while keeping the past alive. Join us for a deep dive into the science of memory and ageing, as we learn about how your favourite films help us form memories, how to level the playing field for dementia care and what our cats can teach us about our own ageing!

“Are you Talkin’ to Me?!”

Dr Emmanuel Biau (Research Fellow and Lecturer in Psychology, University of Liverpool)
If you’ve ever watched the masterpiece ‘Taxi Driver’, directed by Martin Scorsese, you’ll certainly remember the famous monologue during which Travis Bickle speaks to himself in front of a mirror. But just what are you remembering? Your eyes and ears will have picked up on a number of speech features about the actor Robert DeNiro; his face, his voice. Emmanuel’s talk will explore the mysterious brain machinery behind how we understand speech, and the memories that follow.

How Can we Create an Equal Playing Field for Dementia Care?

Dr Clarissa Giebel (Senior Research Fellow in Primary Care and Mental Health)
There are nearly one million people with dementia and 700,000 unpaid carers across the UK. However, where we live, our ethnic background, our gender, how much we earn, and many other factors all impact our experiences of dementia care, leading to unmet needs and poor health and wellbeing outcomes. Clarissa will be talking about what dementia is, what health inequalities are, the combination of the two, and how the playing field can be levelled.

Purr-petual youth: Can Cats Provide Insights into the Ageing Process?

Christine Pye (PhD Student in Musculoskeletal and Ageing Science)
Our life expectancy has been increasing, and so too has that of our pets. Cats age in a similar way to humans, and age is the biggest risk factor for developing diseases such as cancer, dementia, diabetes and arthritis, which affect the quality of life of older people and older animals. At the Cat Prospective Ageing and Welfare Study (CatPAWS), Christine is following a group of middle aged cats as they grow old, examining the underlying mechanisms which cause the ageing process and whether they could be targeted to improve healthy ageing in our cats, and perhaps in us as well...
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