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Marvellous Microbes

Ground level venue with step-free access. Toilets (including disabled) located on this level.
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open 6:45pm
Event 7pm - 9:30pm
Newburgh Inn, Main Street, Newburgh,
Aberdeenshire AB41 6BP
Microbes may be small, but they have a huge influence on our lives. From supporting food production to making their presence known in an aging bottle of milk to helping your petunias to flourish, these micro-organisms deserve macro-thanks. 

Join researchers from Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) as they peer down the microscope at soil, the contents of your fridge, and horse manure. Don't worry, we promise there is no "show and smell" at this event! 

Rise of the pHoenix - Influence of soil pH on farm system efficiency

Dr Robin Walker (Senior Lecturer, Scotland's Rural College (SRUC))
The talk will cover the importance of soil pH on crop system efficiency, especially the potential to reduce the use of agrochemicals and fertilisers through improved nutrient cycling. The talk will also touch on the loss of a 60 year old long-term pH gradient experiment, the movement of 450 tonnes of soil to a new site within the ACE (Aberdeenshire Cropping Experiment) Platform, and the continuation of pH research on crop productivity, nutrient and carbon cycling, with a greater emphasis on the soil microbiome and its functions as part of the pHoenix long-term experiment.

Can I trust the 'sniff test' for my food?

Professor Nicola Holden (Professor in Food Safety, Scotland's Rural College (SRUC))
Last year some of the major supermarkets removed 'Use by' dates on their milk and asked customers to do a sniff test at home instead to check if it was good enough to use after the 'Best Before' date. What does it really mean? Why did they do it and is the milk still safe? We’ll look at some of the confusing issues around use-by, best before and sell-by dates, and the differences between food spoilage and food poisoning.

Profiles from Dung Piles - What can microbes tell us about a horse?

Dr Ashley Ward (Food Security Challenge Centre Facilitator, Scotland's Rural College (SRUC))
Before hitting our noses, horse poo makes a remarkable journey. This mass of chomped food has travelled through the horses’ digestive tract, a bustling metropolis for bacteria, protozoa, bacteriophages, and fungi. Together, this community breaks down food into energy for our equine friends. Once expelled, the microbial marvels in horse droppings transform to serve a completely different purpose, shifting from supporting the horse to nurturing the soil. Join us to discover what microorganisms in poo can reveal about their horsey hosts, and find out how they evolve to become a gardener's ally.
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