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Marvellous Molecules and Medicines

Ground floor venue, small step up to room from the front entrance in the venue and small step up from the back entrance. Venue requests that under 18s are accompanied by a responsi
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open 7pm
Event starts 7.30pm
Event finishes 9.30pm
The Cartologist at The Garden House, Framwellgate Peth,
Durham DH1 4NQ
Join us to discover some of the latest advances in modern medicine and their potential applications; peptide therapy and functional molecules. 

Therapeutic peptides: the "next big thing" in medicine?

Katherine Deck (PhD student)
Since the advent of insulin therapy in the 1920s, numerous other peptide-based drugs have entered the market as promising treatments for a wide array of diseases. Aside from their use as therapeutics, peptides have emerged as powerful tools for medical research, with applications ranging from clinical diagnostics to the design of new drug delivery platforms. This talk will overview the key developments of peptide science in the pharmaceutical space and discuss the ways in which major obstacles are being addressed as this area of research advances.

Fluorine: enhancing drug properties and its use in medical applications

Dan Bonn (PhD student)
Despite its rarity in natural products, fluorine is the 13th most abundant element on Earth. Its enhanced chemical reactivity provides a powerful synthetic tool and since the introduction of fludrocortisone into the drug market in 1954, more and more approved pharmaceuticals contain at least one fluorine atom. Additionally, fluorine has been utilized in radiotracers for medical scanning, most notably PET. This talk aims to provide an outlook into medicinal applications within fluorine chemistry and how its incorporation into drug candidates and imaging agents can provide beneficial properties.

Can we make a tin of tartan paint? Self-patterning materials and autonomous liquid motion

Dr Matthew Kitching (Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry)
In nature – patterns are everywhere. From zebras stripes to leopards spots, surfaces like skin are patterned down to the cellular level. Whilst nature has many techniques for the autonomous patterning of materials, human kind has none. My research takes inspiration from natural systems to pattern both the timing and location of where chemicals are made. Join me for a journey in to the world of droplet chemistry and patterned materials.
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