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Memory and Survival

Venue accessible with accessible toilets
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors open 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Sandy's Bar @ The Union, St Mary's Place,
St Andrews KY16 9UZ
Join us for an evening of neuroscience where we uncover the intricate relationship between food and feathered resilience AND as we unravel the mysteries of the brain's power to shape our ability to thrive, while still forgetting where we parked our car!

You are what you eat: how nutrition can help develop sustainable guinea fowl farming in sub-Saharan Africa

Prof Karen Spencer (Director of Research in School of Psychology and Neuroscience, Co-Director of the Institute of Behavioural and Neural Sciences)
Sezny Gall (PhD Scholar)
Wallace Barrie-Dempster (Technician)
Have you ever eaten Guinea fowl? They have become a bit of a gourmet favourite in Europe in recent years, but these birds are a nutritional staple across many sub-Saharan African countries. Mainly kept by smallholder farmers they provide a valuable protein source for the family and also an income to assist with food bills and school fees. These farmers face many challenges that will grow worse as the effects of climate change are felt. Want to know more about how our international team are working to improve guinea fowl welfare and health and help to create a more sustainable guinea fowl system?

Where did I park my car? Examining brain systems supporting episodic memory

Prof Jamie Ainge (Head of the School of Psychology and Neuroscience)
Can you remember where you parked your car? This type of memory is called episodic memory and helps us deal with everyday life. Problems with episodic memory are the first symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. In my lab we study the hippocampus, the part of the brain we need for episodic memory. Recently, it has been found that (unlike any other brain area) the hippocampus generates new neurons each day. We recently found that these new born neurons help us with difficult memory problems and that increasing exercise and environmental stimulation can increase the production of these neurons.
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