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Mighty Big

Please note this venue is accessible and has step-free access.
Past event - 2022
11 May Doors: 18:45 Talks from: 19:30-21:00
Panton Arms, 43 Panton Street,
Cambridge CB2 1HL
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We start our "Mighty Big" talks in the arena of astrophysics with Jordan Cohen, a PhD student, who will talk about his research into bald and hairy black holes. Sounds intriguing!   
"How fast is the universe expanding?" is the title of Wednesday's second talk, by Dr Matt Bothwell, the Public Astronomer from the Institute of Astronomy which will take us up to and perhaps even beyond the edge of the Universe.
You can order food at the Panton Arms, so either come early to eat before the first talk, or order for food delivery in our gap between talks. 

Black Holes

Jordan Cohen (Pt 3 Master's Student, Maths)
Hawking’s famous Black Hole Information Paradox has stumped physicists for over half a century, but it relied on the idea that black holes are 'bald'. In other words, a black hole does not carry any details about the material that made it beyond its mass, charge, and spin. Recent research by Hawking and others, however, has found that black holes actually sport infinitely dense heads of hair. In fact, whenever an object falls into a black hole, a faint imprint of the object ends up irrevocably laced into the fabric of space and time surrounding the black hole.

Dark Energy and the Edge of Physics

Matt Bothwell (Public Astronomer at the Institute of Astronomy)
Around a century ago, Edwin Hubble made one of the most important discoveries in astronomical history: the Universe is expanding. Ever since Hubble, understanding exactly how fast the Universe is growing has been one of the most important tasks in cosmology. Today, astronomers are faced with a puzzle: why is the expansion of the Universe speeding up? Attempting to answer this question will force scientists to question the most fundamental assumptions in all of physics, and might take us beyond the edge of the Universe itself.

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