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Small yet Mighty

Please note this venue is accessible and has step-free access.
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors: 18:45 Talks from: 19:30-21:00
Panton Arms, 43 Panton Street,
Cambridge CB2 1HL
Sold Out!
How about a pint and some Particle physics on a Tuesday evening? Dr. Irene Li will be telling us about Active Matter- systems where energy is continuously injected on a microscopic scale. Dr Holly Pacey, a researcher on the CERN ATLAS project, will talk about "Looking for new physics with Emus" - no, not the birds! 
You can order food at the Panton Arms, so either come early to eat before the first talk, or order for food delivery in our gap between talks. 

Active Matter

Dr Irene Li (Postdoc in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, working in the Soft Matter Research Group)
Examples of active matter are abundant in nature: bird flocks, fish schools, bacteria colonies and cell layers. Active matter is distinct from most driven systems in that time reversal symmetry (TRS) is broken locally. What are the consequences of the TRS-breaking? How do macroscopic phenomena arise from pure local interactions? I will talk about the progress that has been made along these lines in recent years.
Image by Walter Baxter, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/

Looking for new physics with Emus (large Hadron Collider ATLAS experiment)

Dr Holly Pacey (Research Fellow, ATLAS (High Energy Physics))
Deep under Geneva lies the Large Hadron Collider; thousands of scientists eagerly try to understand the fundamental ingredients of the universe by smashing together protons at a high enough energy to create particles, hoping for some that haven’t been discovered before. Within our incomplete Standard Model of the universe, the charge-flavour conspiracy makes it more likely that within ‘emu’ collisions, electrons and anti-muons (like electrons but heavier) are more likely to be produced in collisions than anti-electrons and muons. If this is not observed in our data, it must be new physics.

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