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Mind over matter

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Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 7 pm
Event 7.30-9.30 pm
The Water Rats, 328 Grays Inn Road,
London WC1X 8BZ
Sold Out!
Why can’t the brain forget missing limbs decades after amputation? Could treating hearing loss prevent dementia? Join us for a pint with world-leading brain scientists; discover the future of technological human enhancement and a new way of thinking about our risk of dementia, as well as the chance to win lots of Pint of Science goodies!

The Neural Fingerprints of a Missing Hand

Dr Tamar Makin (Associate professor)
Following arm-amputation, brain areas that previously operated the hand could potentially be “recruited” to work for other body parts. This 'brain reorganisation' results in the experience of phantom limb pain. I will present an alternative account, where brain representation of the missing hand persists decades after amputation. I will suggest that the brain resources of the missing hand can be used by body parts and artificial limbs. Finally, I will discuss opportunities and barriers towards technological augmentation, based on studies in non-amputees using a 3rd robotic thumb.

Hearing loss and dementia, from epidemiology to prevention trials

Dr. Sergi Costafreda (Associate Professor )
In the UK, over two-thirds of people aged over 65 experience hearing loss, but most do not get hearing aid treatment. In this talk I will discuss the mounting evidence of a strong link between hearing loss and dementia risk, and the work we are conducting on establishing if treating hearing loss can delay or prevent dementia. This is potentially a huge opportunity for us to tackle the growing impact of dementia and make a real difference to people's lives.
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