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Mindfulness and healthcare journeys

This venue is fully accessible
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors open 6:30 PM
Event 7-9 PM
Inn at the Park, 3-4 Deemount Terrace,
Aberdeen AB11 7RX
Mindfulness apps have risen in popularity but are they supported by science? And despite growing awareness, are chronic health conditions such as fibromyalgia still not receiving the attention they deserve? Come along to find out!

And breathe… - What is driving the mindful revolution in wellbeing?

Colette Savage (Lecturer in Mindfulness, School of Education)
The AI revolution is coming soon, the mindfulness revolution has arrived. From Google to community centres around the globe people are discovering mindfulness. Still skeptical? This talk will bring the science and spiritual world head to head, not quite a meeting of the rivers but definitely a meeting of the minds. Take a journey from the mystical East to the mindful West and the neuroscientific evidence underpinning the mindful revolution on the path to wellbeing. Experience it for yourself, engage in some brain sculpting!

Healthcare journeys of people with fibromyalgia: a game of snakes and ladders?

Stefanie Doebl (PhD Student, The Institute of Applied Health Sciences)
Fibromyalgia is a long-term pain condition with no current cure. People with fibromyalgia turn to healthcare services with the hope of getting ongoing care and treatment. However, current healthcare provision is often inconsistent or unavailable. Those with fibromyalgia report feeling frustrated and missing out on well supported journeys through the whole healthcare system.
I will talk about why researchers are keen to understand how people with fibromyalgia experience their healthcare journeys, what these experiences can tell us, and why they matter.

Panel discussion: Mental health nursing

Dan Warrender (Lecturer Mental Health Nursing, Robert Gordon University)
Debbie Banks (Senior lecturer Mental Health Nursing, Robert Gordon University)
Scott MacPherson (Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing, Robert Gordon University)
Panel discussion focusing on the future of mental health nursing