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Molecular Surveillance (It’s Hot Stuff!)

Please note this event takes place on the first floor, sorry there is no step-free access.
Past event - 2018
14 May Doors open 18:30
Event 19:00 - 21:30
Horse and Stables, 122-124 Westminster Bridge Rd,
London SE1 7RW
Sold Out!
You might think that for a doctor to look at where certain molecules or drugs are within your body, they would have to cut you open or take samples from your body – well you’d be wrong. Welcome to the world of molecular imaging. On this evening our three wonderful speakers will show you how they use radioactivity to not only look at molecules inside us, but at how they can affect our bodies.

A light-bulb moment: detecting disease with radioactivity

Dr Cinzia Imberti (PhD Researcher in Imaging Chemistry)
Long before anatomical changes, diseases can activate subtle molecular processes that can play a key role for early diagnosis, but are far more difficult to detect. Radioactivity can help us to visualise biological processes otherwise invisible to the human eye. Join us for a fascinating journey into radioactive molecules and how we can use them to ‘switch on the light’ and see what’s happening inside our bodies.

Predicting the future with molecular imaging

Dr Richard Southworth (Senior Lecturer in Cardiac Molecular Imaging)
Rick started life as a cardiovascular biologist, but over the last 15 years has slowly mutated into a molecular imaging scientist. This may be due to the large amounts of radioactivity that he works with. Tonight, if you pay him sufficient beer, he will describe to you how new molecular imaging technologies may be able to detect disease earlier than ever before, how ironically this may actually be a problem for today’s cancer patients, and what he proposes to do about it.

Where do drugs go inside your body?

Dr Rafael T. M. de Rosales (Senior Lecturer in Imaging Chemistry)
Ever wondered where all these drugs and medicines actually go inside your body? Rafa is a chemist that develops methods to label drugs with radioactivity to allow us to see their location inside the body! From the medicinal to the recreational; over the course of his talk he will not only show you how to track these drugs internally, but also how better drugs can be designed - and whether one day we will be able to predict which patients will benefit from the drugs and who will not.

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