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Moving better without moving at all - mental rehearsal in sport and rehabilitation

This event will take place on the lower ground floor, sorry there is no step-free access.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7-9pm
Rowing Room, The Duke's Head, 8 Lower Richmond Rd, Putney,
London SW15 1JN
Humans learn how to move by imitating others. This involves watching someone move, imagining what it looks and feels like to move in that way, and then physically performing the movement. This event will describe how observing and imagining movements can be used to improve how people move in sport and health settings.

Watch this... Imagine that... Athletes are good at both

Dr Adam Bruton (Senior Lecturer in Psychology of Human Performance)
The first talk will begin by clarifying what is meant by ‘watching movements’ and ‘imagining movements’ in sport. The talk will then cover how imagery and observation interventions have been applied in sport. Particularly, it will discuss WHO uses these techniques in sport, WHERE and WHEN they are used, WHAT they are used for, HOW they can be effectively delivered, and WHY athletes should consider using them. The talk will conclude by making recommendations for athletes to watch and imagine movements at the same time.

Watch and imagine this: Is two better than one in sport and rehabilitation?

Adam Khan (PhD Student)
Ashika Chembila Valappil (PhD Student)
Sam Chye (PhD Student)
The second talk will cover the combined use of watching and imagining movements in health and sport contexts. The talk will be split into three sections focused on applying this method in different populations. The first section will focus on neurologically impaired populations (e.g., people with Parkinson's disease). The second and third sections will focus on athletes in individual sports (e.g., tennis and golf) and team sports (e.g., football and rugby). Each speaker will provide brief detail about the current research being conducted on this topic at the University Roehampton.

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