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Muscles and Machines

Step free access to venue and toilets. Toilets are gender neutral. There is also an accessible changing space with hoists.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
One Strawberry Lane, One Strawberry Lane,
Newcastle NE1 4BX
We will hear how artificial intelligence can be used to diagnose muscle diseases from MRI scans. We will also learn about robots that do not need metal parts or muscles-because they are made of DNA. Come and find out first about the upcoming Tech that will revolutionise healthcare!

DNA Nanorobots - A Crash Course

Maria Oranges (R&D Scientist, Nanovery Ltd.)
Tonight, we leap from the traditional metal-based view of robots into the ground-breaking realm of DNA nanorobots. Forget what you know about the DNA double helix; we're revealing DNA's new role as a LEGO-like building block for nanorobots. This shift is set to revolutionise everything from disease diagnostics to next-generation therapies. Dive into the world of DNA nanotechnology and witness its transformative potential in medicine. Share my passion for transforming DNA into functional nanomachines, where science's wonders meet creativity. Join us for a pint and explore the extraordinary nanoscale world—no nanorobots harmed, we promise!

How To read a Muscle: Diagnosing Muscle Diseases With Artificial Intelligence

Jose Verdú-Diaz (Research Assistant, PhD Student, Newcastle University, John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre)
Neuromuscular diseases turn muscles weak, swapping healthy tissue for fibrotic and fat ones, a process leading to irreversible weakness. Each disease affects muscles uniquely, offering diagnostic clues. Here enters muscle MRI, our hero, allowing unprecedented insights into muscle damage and fat levels. Our aim? To use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to decipher MRI scans and spot fat patterns to diagnose conditions. This could give doctors and researchers a groundbreaking tool for tackling these diseases. So, cheers to breakthroughs and better health ahead! Here's to a future where diagnosing neuromuscular diseases becomes an easy task, thanks to the power of AI.
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