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Mysterious Mind: Senses, Fears and Conspiracies

No step-free access. Room on the first floor.
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9:30pm
The Blind Rabbit, 9 Weekday Cross,
Nottingham NG1 2GB
Sold Out!
For day one of our Beautiful Mind talks, we have three fascinating talks!

Please note this event will be held in an upstairs room and is not wheelchair accessible, we apologise for this.

Why are conspiracy theories so alluring?

Daniel Jolley (Assistant Professor)
Darel Cookson (Senior Lecturer)
Join Drs Jolley and Cookson as they uncover the mysterious ways in which our "Beautiful Minds" can sometimes betray us, causing us to succumb to the allure of conspiracy theories. In this talk, Drs Jolley and Cookson will explore the intricate and often counterintuitive processes that lead us down the rabbit hole of dubious information. Gain insight into why conspiratorial narratives can be so enticing and how our Beautiful Minds unwittingly concoct a range of biases.

Facing your fears: understanding and overcoming anxiety in times of uncertainty

Gonzalo Urcelay (Assistant Professor)
Anxiety disorders affect a large number of individuals worldwide, and whilst there are numerous treatment options, not everyone responds to treatment. In this talk, I will provide a brief overview of anxiety, its treatment, and what we have learned about anxiety in experimental psychology. I will finalize with some thoughts on the drivers of anxiety and what we can do to attenuate it.

Are Two Senses Better than One? Multisensory Processing in Older Adults

Stephen Badham (Associate Professor)
It is often the case that vision can help hearing and vice versa. For example, watching someone’s lips as they talk might help you hear what they are saying. Older adults (aged 60+ in the current context) often suffer from hearing loss as well as other sensory deficits, in this project we asked: Does allowing use of multiple senses help older adults respond to tasks? We found that multisensory stimuli do help older adults, but that surprisingly they also help young adults just the same. The findings suggest we should revise some key theories of ageing, perception and sensory loss.
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