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Nanotechnology at Home

Past event - 2016
25 May Doors open 7 pm
event 7:15 pm – 9:30 pm No disabled access
The Mitre, 200 Portswood Rd,
Southampton SO17 2LB
Sold Out!
Nanotechnology and Lasers promise to revolutionize our lives in the next decades. How are we able to entangle light? How can we tune properties of matter, handling atom after atom? Tonight we will guide you through fascinating technological breakthroughs that will boost the quality of our lives in the future! Sponsored by the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering. We will be having activities (also kids-friendly) for the ones that want to experiment with science! We will provide refreshments and home-baked nibbles! Come over, the fun is guaranteed!

From Sunglasses to Flat Screens: The Rise of a Smart Material

You might have never heard of it, but zinc oxide is a material with unique properties used in everyday products such as paints, battery, solar panels, and flat screen displays. This is because it can absorb a broad spectrum of the UV light. Its low toxicity makes it also a safe and environmental friendly material—it is even one of the main ingredients in sunscreen lotion. In this talk Harold will discuss how, inspired by these wonderful properties, we are pioneering novel bio-chemical sensors and high performance electronics for smart mobile devices.

Low-Cost Medical Diagnostics... at Home

Follow us in a history lesson on diagnostics, up to the latest technologies used today for home-testing such as pregnancy strips. Patients these days would want to get more information out of a test; information such as their glucose and cholesterol levels. As we will show, our technique uses advanced laser technology to produce a patterned paper device that can diagnose multiple conditions in a single rapid portable test. Beware: The presentation will include demos, white coats, rubber chickens, goats, an axe, the Pythia of Delphi, a priest, some fumes, an oracle (of course) and more!