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Nature is the best technologist - explore BIOtech

Ground floor, both step, and ramp access available double-wide doors and accessible toilet.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 6:30 PM
Event 7-9pm
The View, Sports Centre,
Southampton SO16 7AY
Where does technology meet biology and chemistry? In biotechnology! In these series of talks, we will discuss recent advances in research in biotechnology. 

From Genes to Drugs: Nucleic Acid Therapeutics Changing the Game in Modern Medicine

Andrew Obiogbolu (Postgraduate researcher)
Dr. Chloe Howells (Research Fellow at the School of Chemistry)
Join us on an exciting journey to discover the immense potential of nucleic acids in drug discovery. From traditional small molecule drugs to cutting-edge gene-targeting techniques, we will explore how research into DNA/RNA can change the way we treat previously considered undruggable diseases. With recent advancements in nucleic acid sciences, we can now contribute to its development in various ways. Let's uncover how nucleic acid therapeutics can potentially transform healthcare, leading to a future where DNA/RNA-based medicines revolutionize the way we approach disease treatment.

We will present two talks by two of our experts working in the field. Come along and join us!
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2024-05-13 We live in a TECHNO world The View Sports Centre, Southampton, SO16 7AY, United Kingdom