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Nature's Fury: Natural Disasters Explained

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Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open 19:00
Event 19:30-21:30
Mango Thai Tapas Bar & Lounge Ocean Village, 5 Canute Road,
Southampton SO14 3FH
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Every year natural disasters kill around 90 000 people and affect close to 160 million people worldwide. But how do natural disasters occur and how can their destructive impact be limited? Prof Lisa McNeill and Prof Kevin Horsburgh will shed light on the occurrence of earthquakes, tsunamis, extreme sea levels, and coastal flooding. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to explore how the global community might respond to environmental change and natural hazards as part of a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals workshop led by Prof Simon Kemp.

Causes of extreme sea level and coastal flooding: what don’t we know?

Prof Kevin Horsburgh (Chief Scientist for International Development)
Extreme high waters around the UK are caused by a combination of high tides and severe weather events. Extreme conditions will be made worse by changes to average sea levels due to climate change. Sea level rise for the UK is expected to be around 0.2 and 0.8 m by the year 2100.
I will discuss the uncertainty, much of which is due to the policy commitments around greenhouse gas emissions.

Understanding subduction zones: What causes the largest earthquakes and tsunamis on Earth?

Prof Lisa McNeill (Professor of Tectonics, Director of Education)
The largest earthquakes and tsunamis on Earth result from the subduction of one tectonic plate beneath another. In the last 15 years, notable subduction zone earthquakes of magnitude 9 or greater have occurred. These include the 2004 magnitude 9.1 earthquake and resulting tsunami offshore Sumatra to the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean, and the 2011 magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami offshore Japan. Subsequent major geological and geophysical data collection has increased our understanding of the structure of the subduction zones, the earthquakes and their future hazard potential.

Model United Nations: Sustainable Development Goals

Prof Simon Kemp (Professorial Fellow in Education, Education for Sustainable Development,Sustainability in Higher Education)

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5 Canute Road, Southampton, SO14 3FH, United Kingdom 5 Canute Road, Southampton, SO14 3FH, United Kingdom
5 Canute Road, Southampton, SO14 3FH, United Kingdom 5 Canute Road, Southampton, SO14 3FH, United Kingdom
22 May
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