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Neuroscientific Myth-Busting

Past event - 2016
24 May Doors 7 pm
Event 7.30-9.30 pm
The Tobacco Factory, Raleigh Rd,
Bristol BS3 1TF
Sold Out!
It’s no secret that we have access to more information than ever before — in fact, most of us are bombarded with information whether we like it or not. How do we cope with the deluge of conflicting factual claims and process their associated uncertainties? What are some social and policy implications? 
Join us for an evening with two cognitive scientists and discuss combating the persistence of misinformation.

Learning and how to Improve it

That main focus of Paul’s work is to apply insights from cognition and neuroscience to enhance educational practice and learning. In the process of his work, it has also become clear that neuromyths are worryingly common amongst the public and educators.

Giving your Memory an Update

As a cognitive scientist, Stephan is interested in how people update their memories if things they believe turn out to be false. This has expanded to work on how myths and misinformation can spread in society, specifically when and why people accept scientific evidence on issues such as vaccinations and climate science.
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