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Creative Reactions Exhibition

The opening performance is 18+, but all other events at the venue are open to children. Step-free access and accessible toilets. There is a steep slope that needs taking with care.
Past event - 2023
20 May to 22 May 10.30am to 5pm
Drop-in no booking required
The Carousel, 25 Hockley street ,
Nottingham NG1 1FH
The creative reactions Exhibiton will run in the Carousel from the 19th May until the 22nd May and will host a range of artist who have paired with scientist to express science in a new way. 

Artist include: Guy Schofield, Chloe Bunn, Mary Pedicini, Cara Jones, Cameron Lings, Liz Collini, Louise Garland, Sarah Burgess, Martha Gray, Rachel Ward, Christine Pereira-Adams, John Cheung,Leigh Bowser.

This is a free event and does not require a ticket so pop along anytime during the opening hours.

Mary Pedicine

Mary Pedicini (Artist)
Concentrating various mythologies of aging from around the world, as well as Serena Sabatini's research on perceptions of aging into one object, Fountain offers an encounter with our fears and desires around aging and immortality. 

Mood disorders and BRIGhTMIND Trial

Cameron Lings (Artist)
His artistic practice consists primarily of generating sculptural form from bodies of statistics, information and data sets. Cameron commonly utilizes the mediums of woodwork and metalwork throughout his projects, along with mixed media works when challenging key topics around current affairs. 
medium of use: Sculpture

Your Ecosystem

Cara Jones (Artist)
For Pint of Science, I am partnered with Dr Joanne Stocks, whose talk is focused on the management of pain through physical activity. Inspired by her current research topic; Investigating Microbiome Diversity in the UK Population, I am making a porcelain sculpture imagining the gut microbiome as an alien world. The sculpture will explore how this ecosystem adapts to changes in diet and exercise, with the aim of promoting participation in upcoming studies that are part of this project.
Medium of use : Ceramics

Chloe Bunn (Artist)
The sport of medium she uses varies a lot as it tends to change from piece to piece, but she most commonly finds herself using pen & ink, watercolour, and photography.

Christine Pereira-Adams (Artist)
Medium: Sculpture, drawing, textiles and Book Art

Guy Schofield (Artist)
He works mainly in digital media, including film, sound, VR, robotics and animatronics

John Cheung (Artist)
Medium: Digital and programable media

Leigh Bowser (Artist)
A textile artist

Liz Collini (Artist)
Liz Collini is an artist specializing in drawings, prints and installations. Examples of her work can be found at the locations below http://www.lizcollini.com/

Louise Garland (Artist)
The media she uses is mainly reclaimed wood/paint and sometimes ‘found objects’ are incorporated into the pieces

Martha Gray (Artist)
Medium - Alternative photographic processes and bioplastic

Rachel Ward (Artist)
She is a textile and digital artist, specialising in embroidery and mixed media.

Sarah Burgess (Artist)
She works with print and dye on paper and fabric, stitch and construction.

Clare Pentlow (Artist)
Kind of medium you use Paper

Sara Mai (Artist)
She uses plastic bottle tops, pierced and threaded with monofilament as the medium for my artworks.
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